Hybrid Campers

Long gone are the days of huge clunky motorhomes thanks to the aerodynamics of hybrid campers. Traditional travel trailers used for outdoor activities such as camping are very expensive to pull behind a vehicle. This is mainly because they are not manufactured to be aerodynamic and lightweight.

Makers Of Hybrid Campers

Manufacturers such as Rockwood and North Trail are two very popular hybrid camper manufacturers. A brand that is popular among hybrid enthusiasts is the Rockwood Roo which is available in ten different models, which range from seventeen feet long to twenty six feet long. Each model is equipped with the latest conveniences, and is designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic for better fuel economy while traveling.

Hybrid CampersNorth Trail is another popular brand well known for manufacturing hybrid campers and offers a wonderful line known as the Focus Edition. This brand offers several hybrid models with spacious floor plans that make long camping trips a breeze by offering outstanding comfort combined with modern conveniences, while providing the space to enjoy them both. While Rockwood and North Trail specialize in family size pull behind campers, there are many other camper options available for the outdoor enthusiast.

The teardrop trailer is an oldie but goodie in the class of mini travel trailers. This camper is shaped like a teardrop making it extremely fuel efficient while traveling with it. This camper was originally released back in the thirties and has made a popular comeback in a modern world where economic and environmental issues are important, even during no extracurricular activities. Due to the fuel economy found while pulling small travel trailers, camping enthusiasts are prone to prefer hybrid campers over the traditional larger and heavyweight varieties.

Environmentally conscious campers are not limited to pull behind travel trailers. There are numerous makes and models of small motorhomes and pickup campers that are also available in lightweight aerodynamic styles. A small motorhome has the convenient amenities that larger motorhomes are famous for and are found to be an equal in style and comfort. In fact there are not many differences between the traditional large motorhome and the smaller lightweight version. That is, unless you consider the smaller size, and tremendous savings on fuel while traveling in the smaller model.

Hybrid Campers Advantages

Many people gain their enthusiasm for the smaller and lightweight hybrid campers as an effort to reduce their carbon footprints, while saving money as well. Modern recreational vehicle designs are making this effort possible. It makes perfect sense that campers would want to make every effort they could to preserve the very forests of the earth they enjoy camping in.Hybrid CampersThere are numerous informative articles within this site to educate campers on the many types and styles of hybrid type campers that are environmentally conscious. Browsing through these articles will provide useful information on economical and environmentally friendly campers. Whether needing information on pull behind types of travel trailers such as hybrid campers, or just looking for information on the newer versions of pickup campers, the information needed is just a simple click away.